Thursday, 30 January 2014

Patience.. Have I lost you??

  I have been getting a lot of comments lately about having little patience. I have noticed that with myself time and time again.When reading a book I had no patience and read it through the night at times just to get to the end, i might end up skimming through stuff , or skipping some lengthy descriptions!!

Doing patiently is not my style. Tried.. but lost patience while trying. I always envied people who were patient, at least most of the time (other times I silently cursed them). People have tried to teach me patience unwittingly through my interactions with them. In student life, I rarely did joint study unless I found someone who had the same pace, or I felt like I am waiting till eternity the couple of times I attempted joint sessions. I would already be on the 4th page when the other person was still on 4th paragraph.

Its a wonder I loved teaching!! I preferred professional college, not kindergarten ( for obvious reasons, of course) . Students taught me what it was to be patient, with the teacher going slow and teaching the same things again and again, till the slowest of them grasped the concept or at least some of it. I quit  teaching to move to the US!

Patience is something I learnt when in art class (oil on canvas), you have to wait for the paint to dry before u make changes or do your detailing. Is it any wonder I never completed my first canvas and did not paint any oils after that? 

Patience is a virtue that people in southern US teach me, I talk so fast they are still on the first word when I finish the 2nd sentence. Hence, I end up invariably  end up repeating myself. When they talk, I am busy smiling and nodding though, my mind has already wandered off by the time they finished the sentence. I have learnt to cut the long story short in my mind. Oh and by the way.. I am planning to relocate to the north.

I don't imagine myself writing long novel, even in my most wildest dreams. It is always essays and short stories. Although, having the patience to publish it maybe another story altogether. I do hope to find a good editor/ proof reader to go through all my typos, I am not the one to be bothered by something so mundane as punctuation. ( If you find some typos let me know, it's work in progress like everything else)

 Most of all patience is being taught to me by Life, making me wait till the right times comes for every change. I will get to see the end when I reach the end and, not a moment before. So people who think that I should be more patient, I implore you to show more patience for my impatience. It should definitely enhance your ability to be patient.


  1. Shruti... i loved it.. its so true to d heart. . Properly worded.. short n sweet.. like u..!

  2. :) You've captured the essence of your impatience well! I liked it...Give me some credit for patiently ignoring the typos and lack of punctuation too.. :D

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  4. "Patience is a virtue that people in the south (US) are teaching me, I talk so fast that they are still on the first word when I finished the 2nd sentence"
    Haha! completely relate to this....

  5. good one ,loved it