Monday, 11 April 2016

Empty hands

My eyes scan every inch of the shore. 
My trembling hands groping the sand , trying hard to find it. The frantic search before the daylight turns into night sky.
I almost want to give up, but I am not a quitter . 
Finally,  my hand feels something in the mound of sand. I hungrily grab it . It's a pretty silver locket , a filigree . I fall in love with it on sight, momentarily  forgetting what I was looking for . Staring at the locket with a smile , the need to take it is very strong .  I feel guilty , it  doesn't belong to me . Setting it aside, I continue my half hearted search.
Dusk leaves me as the darkness falls . The wave splashes over me and I run away. I , then remember the locket and turn in the direction . I can see it glimmer in the moonlight, taunting me . The waves washing it away, into the ocean .
Tears roll down my cheeks , I don't know what I am crying for or why I curse the fate -'cos I lost something that was never mine?
 A serendipity that left me with a bitter sweet memory of finding something I wasn't looking for and losing it before I had a chance . 
Thus , ending my search . 

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