Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Rendezvous

       She walked cautiously with her two inch heel, mentally berating herself for choosing heels over  flats. She was used to wearing running shoes at work. Last thing she needed today, was to fall  flat on her face. That would make for a lovely first impression! She dressed with care today, for him. It was her first date with him. They had been chatting for a while now but, meeting in person was different.

               She imagined this date numerous times and  it ended differently each time. To say she was excited was an understatement, butterflies in her belly made her nauseous. Maybe it was just as well, she wasn't hungry. One last look in the mirror satisfied her. She had on 
black skirt  and flame colored  top today concession to her usual casual dressing. Gold hoops adorned her ears , catching light when she flicked her long back hair. A soft red cashmere sweater, served well to keep the chill away. She was not a classic beauty, she had a cute face that looked more youthful when she smiled, which, she often did when his name popped up. She remembered texting him for the first time, he was busy watching game of thrones and texted back saying he would call her another day. That made her laugh.  He hadn't even attempted  to pretend to be busy with some meeting or work. She liked that he wasn't pretentious. He was different from the usual men she dated. She felt so upbeat since she started talking to him. It was not a romance that made her giddy, it was more deep and steady. She blossomed under his attention, spring in her step. She looked forward to his texts every morning  and before bed every night, even stupid ones. Just being silly and being herself. Life was getting  far too serious anyway. He always  very considerate and relaxed, they wouldn't talk too often. She did not feel the need to be constantly in touch throughout the day. Although, he scarcely left her thoughts. Even a text sufficed , they both were working people with social life and commitments, she understood that. Still, there were times she hoped he would call her more often. She never understood why she never called him. It would probably change once they got to know to know each other better and got more comfortable.

    They lived in different cities making it almost impossible to co-ordinate meeting. Then fate intervened and brought him to her city for a conference. Their rendezvous was at a good  restaurant he had chosen and reserved for 7.30 pm. He was to  pick her up at her apartment at 7 O'clock. Every second of waiting that passed was excruciating. It couldn't be 7 soon enough. She sat leafing through the book, unable to concentrate enough for the words to make sense. There was a knock at the door.. 6.40 ? He was early ! She walked to the door and opened it with a smile. There stood a man with a bouquet of lilacs and lilies, a delivery from the nearby florist she recognized. She wordlessly took the flowers then belatedly remembered to mouth a puzzled thank you. She took the flowers and arranged it in a vase, a note fluttered with her name. It was his handwriting, she knew it instinctively although she had never really seen his. She picked the note, this was odd. Why did he not get the flowers himself ? why the note? Her heart was hammering away, she sat on the chair, took a deep breath and opened it and read. She sat staring until her vision blurred and the tears rolled down her cheek and spilled onto the note, smearing the ink. Just then the clock chimed. She glanced at it, 7 O'clock the clock said, mocking her.


  1. Doesn't sound like a work of fiction :)

    1. Somewhere every fiction is influenced by real life events or emotions around you . Sometimes it's just a figment of ones imagination. They merge so well together, it's hard to tell them apart !