Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mom- Your most precious gift!

     Amidst the hustle bustle of mother's day, people planning brunch or dinner for moms, posting pictures on Facebook, made me realize that I am several thousand miles away from mine. Although, I speak to my mom almost every other day. It is not the same, its over a year and a half since I have been home. My mom has been my constant support through this ever changing world. My champion when I need one or my shoulder to cry on ( she will cry with me:) ). She is the one I need the most and, she is also the one I take most for granted.  If I say I am coming to India she would say "good, come home." If I change my mind and say I probably wont now, she would support that as well. Sometimes that would only enhance my confusion and irritate me, that she is not trying to talk me out of something. But then I realize she is only giving me her full support, even though she doesn't like the idea. Who in this world can selflessly do that besides A MOTHER. Stand by you through everything, even though her opinions may differ from yours. But she keeps aside the differences to support you. Someone who has unflinching faith in your ability to be the best you could be.   

         Mothers are a rare species, to them you always come first. They have learnt to sacrifice everything to make you what you are today. Sacrifices begin with pregnancy giving up food/ coffee and moving on to comfort and sleep, as the child grows up. Stay at home mothers have sacrificed their dreams and careers to be a full time mom, to cater to her family. She chose to make her family a priority.  Some moms continue to work and their struggles are different. There is always guilt of not being able to spend time with kids, like they wanted to. Not being able to attend the school functions and seeing their precious baby grow up. They sacrifice their dreams to take care of their own kids, only to give their children a better life. I also see single mothers, juggling the roles of  a mother, breadwinner and a father, all rolled into one. Wearing several hats everyday, always trying to make their son's or daughter's life perfect. No mothers have it easy, whether they are stay at home moms or working mothers. They are always being judged and compared. As you grow, you always have complaints about mothers. You always compare your mom to other moms. Working mother's kids wishes their mom was home more. Stay at home mom's kids wished their mother was working. As you become adults and have kids you realize what motherhood means and learn to appreciate the strength with which they took care of you. She made it seem so easy. My mom makes the best .......(you can fill in the blank). Mother and food usually go together. No one makes some dish as good as your mother. I enjoy cooking and learnt it at an early age watching my mom. Although I am a decent cook, I still can't get the same taste. I guess the secret ingredient is probably the mother's love. They cook so passionately for their kids, no matter how sick or tired they are. That is a mother for you, perfect is her own way. 

   Blessed to have a mother who is my best friend, my critique, my psychologist, my sounding board, my recipe book, my calendar and reminder, my strength and my weakness, my cheerleader, my inspiration and the list could go on... If I can ever be half as good as my mother, my future kids would be lucky.

For every mother out there, Happy Mother's Day !
For everyone else, don't wait till mother's day to appreciate your Mom. Let Everyday be one.

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