Saturday, 15 July 2017

A Bohemian Soul

The gypsy in me awakens,
Pointing places that call to me.
Could it be a dream or a reality,
can one really exist without the other? 
An adventurous soul I was once called. 
Is it a grand expedition I aspire,
Or a rendevous with life I desire?

Could it be the busy streets of the city, 
Or the mountains shrouded in fog?
Blue water with white beaches,
or forest full of green moss and log. 
It could be the twinkling stars of night,
Or sparkling of the city lights.
Emotions I feel at every sight,
is too deep and at times too bright.
Travel is a religion I follow, 
to some it may seem a frivolous waste.
Only People of faith shall yen for the journey of the soul.  
To discover myself amidst the chaos,
and learn the art of living. 
It nourishes my soul and enlightens a humble mind.
Like the Monk moving from place to place, 
the odyssey never ends.
Neither does the knowledge I seek,
It is not a luxury, it is a need. 

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