Thursday, 8 March 2018

Happy Women's day !

  Today is women's day, celebrated internationally. There are many articles written on women on this day,  applauding the strong bold independent women. Sharing the suffering of the women whose plight is worse than death. We wish each other women's day, mostly it was my female friends who wished me. Some weren't even aware of such a day. Some don't understand the significance of the day. Its not just celebrating womanhood or recognizing the achievements of a few. It's about understanding that we still have a long way to go. Yes, we can not only vote but, stand for elections. But we still are fighting for many rights. Equality in pay, maternity leaves, giving women the right to choose, be it to have an abortion or quit work after delivery.  In many countries women are not allowed to vote or in some drive, women are still not safe, from birth till death. Women continue to be overlooked for education or promotion. We continue to have cases of female infanticide.

   Women, many a time lack respect, either at home or at work place. I remember working as a new graduate and being the only female, struggling to be taken seriously, to be acknowledged. It is 21 st century but prejudices don't change. It is still a male dominated society. You are judged by your clothes or if you drink socially. You are judged because choose to be single or to be a married woman with no kids. Even though women constitute 49.6% of the world's population, we are still behind. Women empowerment begins at home. How many of men empower the wives and daughters? How many men will stop taking decision on the wife's behalf , instead be a guide and let them decide for themselves and supporting them unconditionally? How many men help their wives at home with chores? How many men let their wives have a say in their own financial planning? Marriage is a 50/50 partnership, or is it ? How many women will spend their lives being the best mother, wife and daughter-in-law or daughter, sister and, forget to live for themselves? Even if its for a few moments.. Sometimes, women are women's worst enemy and hinder the progress of their own gender. I never understood women like them, always kept my distance from such personalities.

  Women empowerment doesn't start with just the poor, meek and the underprivileged, it starts in a regular household. It starts where home makers and working mothers lack the support from their own family. Where their dreams and aspirations are often buried under the burden of raising the family or being a superhero. Where they lose themselves amidst the society's expectation and, the dictates of how they should live, dress or act. To an outsider looking in, a woman may seem perfectly satisfied with her work and family, only she knows the abyss she falls into and climbs out of , everyday. Hoping that maybe someday someone will hold her hand and, keep her from falling into the darkness. She spends her life waiting, until she no longer has to...  

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