Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sand Castles..

 She was busy building her sand castle, a fierce look of concentration furrowing her brows, her small pink tongue caught between the teeth. She suddenly turned her head to see the orange sun drowning in the sea, the sky was slowly turning orange. How pretty it looked! just like a picture she saw in her story book.. She got back to putting finishing touches on her castle. Sunaina was happy. It was a pretty castle, befitting a princess. Din't her mom always call Sunaina her princess! Mommy.. always had good stories to tell her. Fairy tales she called them, although some of them dint have fairies in the story. When she commented on it mom smiled and hugged her. Mommy loved to smile. She had a very pretty smile, it always made Sunaina  want to smile too. She loved hugging mommy too, and snuggling beside her when she was sleeping. Mommy would kiss her and go back to sleep.Some days when she came from school, mommy made some nice treats- cakes or cookies. Her mommy's cooking always tasted best, when Sunaina had said that, mommy said she cooked with all the love in her heart, hence it tasted good.

  Today had been a nice day. Morning she and daddy went to the beach to collect shells of different colours and shapes, some of those shells she had used to decorate her castle. This castle was special, she was building it for a queen. Sunaina remembered playing queen and princess with her mommy some months back.. they had so much fun and laughed so much, her tummy started aching. Sunaina felt like crying, she missed her mommy. Her daddy was the best daddy but she wanted mommy now. She wished her mommy would come to her now. But daddy had told her that her mommy was needed in heaven so God had taken her. She was very angry with God for taking her mommy but , daddy said that mommy would always be with her in her heart. She touched her heart shaped locket and opened it, she saw her mommy's smiling face there and she felt better.

She was building this castle for her mommy, near the beach, daddy had said that when waves come and take it , it will go to heaven and mommy can live in it. She waited for the waves to come take the castle to heaven. Daddy had gone to get her an orange ice candy , her favourite. Suddenly, she wanted to go to heaven too, she wanted to see her mommy and live with her in the castle like a princess.. she walked closer to the water, gaining speed with every step. She felt the water calling her, she was too engrossed to hear her father calling out to her STOP...

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