Monday, 19 November 2012

Understanding Life as it is..

There are so many philosophies to life . I can probably fill a book with it.
But how much can we truly say anything for sure , where life is conserned? 
Life I believe is full of episodes expected and unexpected ones, an unpredictable story. It’s a book you are unwittingly hooked onto and cannot leave until you reach the end. Each page has its dialogues and sometimes its like one those badly written screenplays , where you don’t think anything has gone right. Although, theater is a better metaphor, where you can't undo and redo it.
With each chapter there are turn of events. Every character plays his or her role, short or long, in your story, but they have a whole book dedicated to themselves. Its like in chronicles of Narnia Aslan says “everyone has a story , of which none is your business.. you only know how much you need to know". Well , I digress. We were talking about life not C.W Lewis's work.
I wonder how everyone would describe their life in one word? What word would I use? I do not know . The only thing I can think of is - contradiction. When I have given up the hope.. I see a ray of light. Just when I am confident , I lose something I  am so close to achieving. Disappointments when expectations are high and happiness after you hit rock bottom.
I wonder how billionaires would say their life is, we seem to think they have everything just because they have money, but is money everything???
What would I do If I had immense wealth, no goals, just living life everyday, like one big party? How would it be, With  nothing to look forward to or achieve ? Would I live from one shopping to another? filling up my wardrobe with clothes I may never wear again! Paraphernalia’s I would never need?

Everyone runs around from one job to another seeking promotion thereby getting more respect and pay. Is it just the pay or the competition that keeps one going? Competition with oneself more than  the others. To excel in work and life, to outdo yourself every time.

Imagine an ideal world where everyone's destiny was similar , no poverty and no billionaires. same kind of clothes. You could all have one house, every house was of same kind, depending on the size of the family . There would never be inflation, everything would cost the same when u die like the day you were born, your salary was the same till u were alive, very little variety in the name of food. Everyone gets the same ration depending on the number of people living in the house every month.  You couldn't pick or change your profession . You could not travel much because of lack of connectivity between places as there was no need to, each being self sufficient in everything.What would you do then? what would you look forward to?

All this competition and greed feeds on our need to be better than the others, to be envy of neighbours.  Do you recollect the ONIDA’s Ad –“neighbours envy owners pride”, the devil saying it? Sure describes one's  personal anthem these days. Technology has increased luxury and comfort many folds in the past years ( Although definitions of luxury and comfort may not necessarily mean the same in everyone's life) travelling has also been an important factor in bringing changes.
There was , once upon a time a world you never knew of other than yours, to compare. You’d never need a Microwave or An LCD TV because you wouldn't know what it was and what to do with it , if you had one. You never miss what you never had. But today it is a necessity rather than a luxury. It tops the chart of the must haves. Little do you know , in few years, something new will come to the market . Making yours look cheap and outdated. And another list of must haves starts taking shape on your mind , and your list begins to grow longer  as your purse grows smaller.
Will this competition ever end ? I Think Not..It gives way to stronger ones , Manifests in different ways. Now that you have reached the end of your expectation( due to age rather than satisfaction), its time to transfer your expectations to your children, making them a progeny of sorts who will succeed where you never did or could... 

QUOTE: A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable , but more useful than a life spent doing nothing,


  1. I thought I was the only person who thought soooo very much.. Wanted, unwanted, silly and serious.. But I guess.. I have company.. :)Questions and questions.. I love it! :)

    1. yeah i wonder sometimes if its boon or bane.. lol! but its fun contemplating on stuffs though however inconsequential, right?

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