Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Thrilling Thirty!

That one thing that every woman is afraid of.... her 30th Birthday.. 
I never understood what the fuss was all about.. until i approached it... then i couldn't run away from it fast enough..
It reminds me of those episodes of FRIENDS where they reminisce about their 30th B'day. It becomes more like a day for mourning.. especially if you are single and  female.. i have seen people get this weird look in their eyes when i say 29 and single.. don't think i wanna know what it would be when i say 30.. ;) No matter what century you are in, you are  unfortunately never taken seriously until you are married.. It is like you haven't achieved anything until you are married. People have this misconception that your life is all fun and games just 'coz you aren't married!,
If they aren't shocked by my single status , they keep telling me how lucky i am to have the freedom to enjoy my "happening life" . Most forget that there are two sides to a coin.
Normally i would wait for my birthday, this started from childhood and continued well into adulthood. 
When you have no solution for a problem its best to ignore it. that's exactly what i decided to do this year.. Pretend the day dint exist , then i can be 29 for a little while longer.
I recently realised i could not see fine print 6 feet away.. I was speechless. I mean of course i fancied having a pair of glasses that made me look chic. but Now? No.. this wasn't a good time.. it wasn't how i imagined the beginning of the year to be like. So i refused to buy a pair of glasses before my birthday.
I am not very sure what i intended to prove with that.. but be as it may, eye test was postponed for after my birthday.. but hey wasn't i just gonna pretend the day dint exist? so now the dilemma would be when to get the test done! 
 Anyway, That was probably least of my problems at the moment.
SO.. what exactly was my problem again? OH Yeah! turning 30.. right!
i knew i would probably spend the day secretly regretting, shedding few tears for all the wasted years, opportunities lost, might as well get it over with.
It struck 12.. my mom, who has never waited up till now, actually bought me a pastry to cut. Now there was a surprise i hadn't anticipated! there goes my plans to sleep through it. But i was ecstatic! 
Morning begins with phone calls and sms which goes on for quite sometime. its fun to catch up with Friends. By noon i get another surprise delivery from my sis n bro in -law, a chocolate cake, bouquet of pink roses and a teddy.. turning 30 isn't so bad after all. 
Evening i had to visit the temples to offer my thanks and count all my blessings.
The day ended with a gift and dinner from mom and dad. By the time it was night i din't even realise how fast the day had passed, and how unexpectedly nice it was! I dint have time to mourn or feel sad. I was too busy enjoying the day to the fullest. In fact i dint feel 30 at all.. I still felt like i always do..  "ageless"
I guess its true when they say you are as young as you feel at heart, Age is nothing but mere numbers. It doesn't define what i am or who i am. It doesn't lessen all that i have achieved, or stop me from achieving all that i have to. I have Miles to go before i sleep... :)

I want to thank all those who made my day special by thinking of me..makes turning 30 just worth it.

That is one thing i would not exchange for all the riches in the world.. my family and friends.. Love you all..