Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Some people know what they were meant to do… Meant to be. I sometimes envied people who knew what they wanted, got it and were happy with it. Such people are lucky because they are aware of their capabilities and limitations and fixed a goal which is reachable. They don’t keep sky as their limit. At the same time I wonder if that’s a good thing… there is nothing to new experience. The change, the choice, the failure, all of which makes the ultimate find and success sweeter. No guts no glory! No adventure no fun!
People who knew what they wanted to study as opposed to people who had their feet in two boats, finally drown only to get picked up by the third. The surprise at survival, the curiosity of the new unknown, enjoying exploring the unseen.
People, who knew where they wanted to work, got a job in that firm. On the other side, landing up an unexpected job, you never even knew of in the first place , let alone dreamed of it. Learning the ropes of the place, experiencing it firsthand without prior knowledge and finding answers on your own. An experience which was good as it was bad.
People who are happy in the place they have always been in, unlike some who need to find the place which fits them, which makes them feel like home. Wandering gypsies, who keep moving in search of the place of their dream? With the hope that they will find it eventually till then making most of the journey ahead and make a home where the present resides.
People who always knew whom they will get married to, in contrast to someone who goes through the entire rigmarole of finding the right match though blind dates, set ups, arranged meetings, matrimony sites, always secretly dreaming about bumping into  that perfect someone.  Trying to imagine the kind of partner, asking every time they meet a new person if this is “THE ONE”?
People who always knew what they wanted rather than those who go through their whole lives in search of their calling, wondering if they will ever find it, but trying nevertheless.Learning different deeds, soaking up the knowledge from the ocean. Just in case one of these might lead to the answer.
I wonder which of these two are lucky? Someone who sees what he/she wants has always been there or someone who stumbles onto the truth when he/she is least expecting it!       
Which is better the unwavering certainty or the unexpected surprise?
Probably the grass is greener on the other side.
there maybe times when i wish i could know whats meant to be, but for now i am enjoying the search, the voyage of discovery. Over a decade back i would not have expected to be what i am now , where i am now. Neither can I predict over the next decade what changes await me, where my search would take me and where it would eventually end! 

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