Thursday, 28 June 2012


"Kal kare so aaj kar,aaj kare so ab, pal mein pralay hoye toh bohni karega kab."

How many can say that they are punctual?
Few of us would like to, but even to a paragon of virtues would find it difficult  to remain so, under any circumstances.
Ironically, when one is punctual.. There is no one around to really to appreciate it. So there goes the incentive to be punctual. 
The other negative aspect of being on time is, that you generally have to wait for the others, thus feeling foolish, standing like a lone wolf. You don’t know what to do and you start playing with mobile to avoid stares directed at you or so you think. You keep looking at the watch every minute and calling up the other person to shout curses down the line, all the while praying either that time would actually fly or your friend would.
The other examples of punctuality would be with your studies, be it in school or college, especially when no one else gets things done on time. This means you are the centre of censure of the whole class.  When the teacher smiles her appreciation and sets you up as an example, you feel pride slowly invading your being which quickly evaporates at the wrath you see in your peer’s eyes. You are nicknamed the teacher’s Pet.

 Even at work if you show too much enthusiasm about punctuality, you are not endearing yourself to your co- workers. And if you are not punctual, your boss isn't too pleased. Now that’s Catch 22 situation one likes to steer clear of.
Moving on to parties, not that I am a party animal, but concept of punctuality in parties are even weirder. If people call you by 6.30 they usually mean 7, so you try to reach there by 7.30 and in spite of being an hour or so late, you are probably the one of the first to reach there. If you try to reach late, invariably something goes wrong and you become so late, the party is practically winding up. And then you have to hear about all the fun you missed. (As luck would have it, the party you were on time for, probably bored you to tears and the party you missed was rocking) 
I sure there are many other examples i may come up with if i think hard, but there is a limit on how much i bore people.

Now I wonder if punctuality is a boon or bane! I think I will stick with revised slogan of tardiness “Aaj kare so kal kar kal kare so parson, itni jaldi kya hai bhai jab jeena hai barson.”

P.S. french proverb ' while we keep a man waiting, he reflects on our shortcomings.'