Thursday, 28 June 2012

TO DO or NOT To Do

We are at least once in our lifetime caught in the dilemma of to do or not to do 
It may be for various reasons, some of mine were/ are
To study further or not
To search for a new job or not
To take a chance and say YES
 or take the easy way out and say NO
invariably if one notices , Leaning towards safer side is almost always the case.
Safe in this context i am sure you have deduced by now to be NO
As with Yes comes commitments and responsibilities, It may also have its own repercussions, Failure being one of them.
Hence i need to contemplate well on the matter before taking anything on.
There are many words that flits through my mind like a Warning  just when i need to be decisive like "Look before you leap" or " from the  pan into the fire"
Makes me perspire just thinking of it.
There is a part of me I like to believe has an adventurous streak, buried in the deep dark recesses of my mind, raises itself and compels me to take the chance..
Then the moment passes, my years of developing a more, shall we say acceptable personality has probably suppressed it.
Or the "adventurous streak" was probably figment of my own imagination , defending my life of absolute boredom , bordering on an insipid life.
Because if i was actually adventurous would i not be able to make reckless decision ,throwing caution into the wind, with no backward glance or thought  for the future?
Rather than weighing the Pros and cons so much that by the end of it , pros are starting  to look like cons,
If i had taken the time from all the pondering i was doing i would have realized that the opportunity had passed me, leaving me SAFE.
safe from making decisions i rather dint......

........Instead i sit by the window on calm evening and wonder what life would have been like if I had only  taken the risk said YES 


  1. nicely put ... its something we all go thru ... maybe we contemplate so much hoping tht the situation wld pass and we wont have to decide after all :)

  2. should i say you fumble very well :) karuna is right, we all go through this in a way or other. The trick is not to make attempts in staying afloat as if we are still waters but row as you are in a rapid. Move on to the next adventure and you will have no time to see outside the window.

    1. thank u :).. well, still waters may look still , but possess an underlying strong current u cant ignore if u have to stay afloat.:). You are right..Life is full of adventures,usually one waiting to happen, just around the corner. :)