Saturday, 30 June 2012

Is inflation our real problem??

The entry into the 21st Century was celebrated with a Big Bang, the “New Millennium”. Everyone was excited at the prospect of growth in various field, science, arts and technology. The future seemed full of possibilities but somewhere ,I think we forgot about humanity and the impact of these changes on us ‘Humans’, our relationships ,cultures and beliefs.
In the last decade or so, there were many changes. If I were to ask someone of the changes they could recollect. I am sure the answers would be cellular phones, Laptops, tablets and all those technological advances. Some would probably start talking about economies and its ups and downs, some would mention the inflation. How the value of money has changed and start reminiscing about those old days when there was so much one could buy for a rupee, now you wouldn’t know how the 500 rupee note you broke got spent.
Inflation , is everywhere , wherever I turn my head I hear it like a latest gossip. People enjoy talking about passionately for long hours. Very soon kindergartens may start teaching I for Inflation to the kids. So often I hear some of my friends complaining about it, especially the increase in the petrol prices as that affects most. They have caricatures of it in newspapers , even facebook is not spared, injecting humour into a serious “problem” afflicting us . Sometimes I wonder if it would make more people  Go Green, use public transport or ‘walk  while you talk’ ;) but that’s what I like to call "wishful thinking" . People are so used to the comfort and luxury, they absolutely can’t imagine sacrificing it in their wildest dreams. 
Diesel prices, of course, have a direct impact on inflation of food, what with  increase in  costs of transport. Then I hear complains like “do you know the cost of sugar? Rice? daal?”  Honestly? I don’t! I rarely bother with prices of these articles. I never even check them, as they are necessities I can’t live without. If I have exceeded the budget I would rather cut down on luxuries like burgers, pizzas and the likes. People complain of daily food costs. But I always see the restaurant and fast food corners crowded. If raw food is so expensive, how is it that we can afford restaurants!
Recently people have become more conscious of what goes into their body. They are  so shocked when they hear about the chemical fertilizers that are used to grow food that they want go organic, and I say great idea, that leads to another complaint. “OMG! Organic food is so expensive! it’s practically double the amount!”  And I so itch to ask “did you worry about the price when you bought your fancy cars, or your designer clothes and branded watches?”  but instead i express shock, followed by "God alone knows what this world is coming to!"
I don’t know if it’s the 21st century that is making us weird or the economy, wherein the upper middle class has money (I mention upper because I feel somewhere the middle that existed in 20th century is on the verge of extinction) for every luxury imaginable but no money for things that keep them alive and healthy, while the environment pollution free. Have priorities changed so much in the last decade?? Have we become more materialistic and money centred that they have forgotten how to really LIVE? Has ‘LIVING’ now become synonymous with modern apartments and bungalows, long cars, grand parties , fancy restaurants, branded clothes, new age technologies (mobiles and laptops with 3G and 4G) ? Have we become so petty , running behind money and comfort have we lost the sight of the bigger picture? Is this the kind of culture and thoughts we want to pass onto our next generation?? If inflation was the cause of all our worries, shouldn’t it have curbed our desires for the expensive luxuries we can’t afford??  

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