Sunday, 1 July 2012

VACATION From Vacation......

In the midst of a hectic project the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of a vacation, a getaway from hell, I start smelling the sea, feeling wind in my hair just thinking about it.

 Shopping for all dresses and tops I plan to wear and something fancy I probably would not need, but I just had to have it. what if some unexpected opportunity  presents itself and i need to wear it! I want to be prepared for all eventualities and usually plan every excruciating detail of the trip , and start packing days in advance.

Then the day arrives, I wake up late,  having slept late repacking some of the stuffs ,getting everything in order. I had to catch an early flight, so, by the time I reach the airport, I am exhausted.  I barely get a chance to catch a wink , what with all the announcements and in flight service. Finally , I reach my destination , almost an hours drive away from the airport !  I check  myself into the hotel. It did not resemble the pitures, (most probably photo-shopped) on the  internet site I used , to book the room. Lobby itself left  a lot to be desired. The couch colours don’t match the d├ęcor and looked worn out. I cross my fingers as I follow the porter ( a rather rude fellow) to my sea facing room. He opens the room and grunts,  switching lights on. I walk in.. 

My heart sinks, the bed cover is faded and worn out. I don't even want to mention the duvet. The Air conditioner looked like it was in the middle Sahara dessert.  I gingerly walk in and open the window to let the sunlight filter in and the breeze blow into the room. Snap! handle comes off, the porter took it from my hand and hooked it back on , where it is stuck, hanging precariously. The air  seems to leave a some kind of  sticky black residue on the window sill. I look down and find the road is right below me. I assume they made a mistake and put me on the other side of the hotel, not the sea facing one, specifically remember requesting .  Although from the window I see a possible horizon and lo behold "the sea".. Well at least that’s what I think it is. It’s too far to tell for sure.

I check out the bathroom, not exactly queen’s bath but, I guess I was just thankful it was clean and hopeful that it was functional. I was informed that hot water comes at 6 in the morning and will be there for only half an hour. I am just too tired , I nod , he looks at me pointedly , waiting .  I realize I didn't tip him, although the sum they were charging me now, started to look more like extortion. I take a couple of notes and hand it to him. Pocketing the money  , he lets me know that the room service number and the  menu lay by the phone, breakfast was complementary .

I start unpacking, thinking good shower and  a short nap might do wonders to lift my spirit.   (while I am trying not to think about the bugs infesting the mattress). I go out for
 tea, since it was too late in the day for lunch. The place was noisy and crowded , mostly with tourists. I asked for directions to the beach ,I was  told it was too far to walk , so I might have to take a cab. Although, I distinctly remember the ad implying  that beach was practically touching their backyard. Anyway, i found that there is supposed to be restaurant round the block, which serves good tea and snacks.  After some searching and 
walking, I realize that round the corner was really two blocks away. I am practically 
dripping , with sweat running down my body . All that effort in vain,  I felt like I needed a cool drink now , since hot tea was out of the question. When I came back to the hotel room I call for room service to order dinner. I didn't want to go out again , all they had left was rice and gravy , I did not even bother to listen to the lengthy explanation offered.

With that my day one comes to an end . I had three more days to go . Sleep would properly pep me up, I switched the A/C on the temp shown was 340 C, I could not  set  it lower. I called the maintenance. They came and checked, said there was some short circuit which would take time to repair. I lost my cool (not that there was much to lose).. They should have checked before allotting the room! After my angry outburst , I was told , I would not be charged  for the A/c. Did they expect me to fall at their feet and be thankful? I consoled myself , it was just one night. Next day I would find a decent hotel and move. I could not sleep, so I opened the window to let some cool air in . I woke up in the middle of the night , to the mosquitoes feeding on me. I closed the window and kept swatting myself and mosquitoes alternatingly . I doubt I killed any, they were too smart for the likes of me.

Next day I woke up at 7 am, needless to say did not get any sleep nor hot water. Since it was hot outside, I dint mind mind the lack of  'luxury'. I went  in search of a good hotel, this time I would make sure to check the rooms and amenities. Most were booked for the season. Eventually, by evening I found one on the farther side of the town. It was good hotel and actually had the amenities .Though a little overpriced and exceeding my budget, I  just could not think of another night in my current hotel.
I packed and asked for the bill, I had to forfeit some amount, but I wanted to escape. My second day almost to the end and I hadn't gone down to the beach yet. Just when I thought nothing could go wrong , I  ended up catching a twenty four hour intestinal bug that evening, day was spent between bed and bathroom. I had to live on juice and green tea. Well,  thre was always tomorrow- My last day of vacation. But I decided to be optimistic and make up for all the fun I missed. I was feeling a little weak, nothing a good night's sleep couldn't cure. I felt optimistic just thinking about it. 

I woke up at 6 am, something did not seem right, it was cooler. I could hear pitter patter  outside the window. God please don’t let it not be rain ! But as luck would have it ,there were unseasonal rains for the next few hours. This meant I could not venture out. I hadn't anticipated rains, hence no umbrella. Did i say i wanted to be prepared for all eventualities?? For goodness sake, it was March!!  Whoever  would have guessed looking out of the window, right now . Next morning was my flight home. I had devoured the book I bought when I was lying sick in the bed. I spent my last day reflecting on my life and introspection. By then I was already homesick, missing everything from my bed, bathroom, to my laptop and mobile , down to incessant drone of  my annoying neighbour,  everytime she spotted me in the hallway . But mostly I missed my WORK!

I just needed a vacation from this vacation… the thought cheered me up, my workplace actually started to seem more welcoming. I guess this is why we need vacation to realise we already have what we need the most, to appreciate everything you otherwise took for granted.. Never again..


Following year..

In midst of the project, the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of a vacation.. Oh! The snow….


  1. hahahaha nice entertaining light n fun u hv maintained the tone infact kept turning it higheras the story progressed ... very well written... although one thing tht bothers its not criticism but since u r exploring the literary world ... the word anyways is wrong it something we Indians hv formed a habit of using ... its jst anyway :P ... but it actually feels like a professional work ... great job

    1. Yes i know..thanks for pointing it out,even i dint realise i wrote 'anyways' instead of anyway.Shows editors/critics are needed for blogs too.thanks Anyway :P.. :)